FAQ & HowTo’s

Instructions for testing your system:

On your keypad press *6 and enter your master code (arm/disarm code)

Then press 4

After you press 4 your siren will sound for about 1 seconds

The monitoring station should receive a manual test signal if the system is communicating.

You may call the monitoring station @ 800-299-9900 and ask them if they received your test signal before you call make sure you have your account number and know your password.  They will ask you for this information.

Instructions for changing the time and date:

On your keypad press *6 and enter your master code (arm/disarm code)

Press 1

Enter time in military format Ex: 1:30 pm would be entered as 13:30 and 6:00 am would be entered as 06:00.

Enter the date in MM/DD/YY format.

When finished press the # key on your keypad.

Instructions for changing the arm/disarm code on your keypad:

On your keypad press *5 and enter your current code

Press 40 and enter new arm/disarm code

Then press the # sign two times

Try arming your system with the new code and make sure it works.

Instructions for turning you door chime off/on:

If your door chime is not working or is working and your want it to stop working press and hold in for 2 seconds the CHIME key on your keypad or you can press *4.  This procedure works for both tuning on and turning off the chime.