Holiday Security Tips from ASC

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The holiday is a busy time for most people. And crooks are no different. During the holiday season, thieves are looking to break into your car and home, trying to steal any gifts and valuables that they may be able to get their hands on. Fortunately, there are many things you can do to help protect your home against burglars this holiday season. Here are a few of those tips. 
Don’t Let Thieves Know What You Are Buying
One of the ways that you can protect your home against burglars this holiday season is to not let thieves know what you are buying. This may include not posting on social media about the pricey gifts, electronics or jewelry you may be buying. It also includes ensuring that you do not throw away packaging from pricey gifts in an obvious manner. Lastly, when possible, unload your pricey gifts in the garage, where those who may be walking by or watching won’t see you. Letting a burglar know what items you have in your house can make you an easy target. Instead, break down your packaging, toss your trash in dumpsters at work, be mindful of who can see you unloading purchases and/or don’t brag about what you are buying all in an effort to deter thieves from targeting your home. 
Don’t Advertise That You Will Be Out of Town
Another key tip to protecting your home against burglars this holiday season is not advertising that you will be out of town. During the holiday season, many people travel. You may be taking a trip for pleasure or going home to visit family and friends. However, odds are, you will tell strangers in a grocery store, post it on social media, or let a stranger overhear your conversation while having coffee with a friend. If a thief hears or sees that you are out of town, your home will instantly become a target, as they know they have time to commit the crime. Not letting others know when you will be away is one of the best ways to protect your home. 
Lock Up Your Windows and Doors
The last tip for protecting your home against thieves this holiday season is to lock up your windows and doors. One of the mistakes that many homeowners make during the holiday season is running cords for their holiday lights or inflatables through a garage door, window or doorway. Unfortunately, when this is done, the window or door is not closed all the way and is not locked. If a thief sees this, they know that they can easily gain entry into the home without even having to pry a door open or break a window. Stick to using only outdoor electrical outlets for your holiday decorations. And be sure that you do lock your doors and windows before you leave the house to ensure your home is safe and secure. 
One of the gifts you can give yourself this holiday season is peace of mind. And one way you can accomplish this is by installing a home security system.
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